Business Intelligence Services

We provide a range of intelligence, investigative, forensic and consulting services for the protection of proprietary information and reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We treat every assignment as a unique assignment and strive to produce actionable intelligence for our clients rather than dumping on them a large load of unnecessary gibberish. Our information gathering process is not limited to a cut and paste job of often questionable open source media and internet reports, but is always substantiated by a large network of proprietary sources and contacts maintained across geographies in a proper intelligence grid.

Our services include:

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Special Investigations
  • Ethics & Social Accountability
  • Fraud & Corruption Enquiries
  • Brand & Intellectual Property Protection

icon Clients Speak

  • Fortrop has been providing our company with a full range of discreet, professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility. We have been utilizing the full spectrum of Fortrop's services in India for several years and have been extremely impressed with their superior client relationship skills, threat analysis, relationship with law enforcement, military, hotels and event venues throughout India. Their executive close protection skills are second to none because of their meticulous planning, coordination and liaison skills. We can always count on Fortrop to successfully manage all of our executive protection, event security, risk assessments and monitoring, as well as general security needs in the Indian Subcontinent.

    Tim Strawman - Director Cigna Global Security & Aviation


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